Indonesia is experiencing an oil spill in Tuban, East Java. A pipeline that carries oil from a floating storage (FSO Cinta Natomas) to shoreline ruptured on Friday, August 21, 2015. Spill was came from a near- shore pipeline burst, spewing thousands of gallons of crude oil into the Java Sea. Approximately, about 43 barrels of oil spilled and pollute the sea. Although the spill volume was not as much as Mexican Bay catastrophe, the oil spill is enough to blackening the beaches and threaten the coral reef ecosystems.



JOB PPEJ who owned the pipeline call OSCT INDONESIA’s command center, one of the biggest oil spill combat team in the World, to clean up the spill. Dozens of professional and experienced personnel has been deployed, led by Yodi Satya as Operational Manager. A complete oil spill equipment and the data from the oil spill trajectory modeling makes OSCT INDONESIA’s not experiencing any significant difficulties to deal with this oil spill. With many experts and experiences for over than 32 years in oil spill response, OSCT Indonesia will work professionally and accurately in order to keep the environment sustainable from oil spill pollution problems.