The Regional Industry Technical Advisory Group, Bali 2016


Oil Spill Combat Team Indonesia hosted the 7th RITAG Meeting attended by 8 oil spill response centres representing 8 countries in Asia, where the meeting discussed dispersants and promotes mutual cooperation and exchange of technical information to increase regional readiness in case of a large oil spill incident in Asia.



During the start of the meeting, OSCT Indonesia Chairman, Dr. Bayu Satya also signed the commitment letter as the 7th RITAG Member, witnessed by Dr. Ir. I Gusti Suarnaya Sidemen, LLM . (Directorate General Oil and Gas, Head of Sub Directorate for Engineering and Environmental Safety of Oil and Gas Business) and the representatives from Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) Singapore – Mr. Robert Limb, Korea Marine Environmental Management Corporation (KOEM) Korea – Mr. Seong-Ran Kim, Marine Disaster Prevention Center (MDPC) Japan – Mr. Masayuki Iwao, Oil Industry Environmental Safety Group Association (IESG) Thailand – Mr. Suthep Grinchan, Petroleum Industry of Malaysia Mutual Aid Group (PIMMAG) Malaysia – Mr. Capt. Amir bin Murad, China Offshore Environmental Services Limited (COES) China – Mr. Zhang Zhaokang.



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