OSCT Indonesia renewed the Memorandum of Understanding with Oil Spill Response Limited for mutual assistance in case of a Tier-3 oil spill in Indonesia where international assistance is required. The MoU which was signed at the 2017 International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC) in Long Beach Convention Center, California, USA, includes the development of protocol for technical and logistics cooperation as well as the development of operational integration plan between OSCT Indonesia and OSRL.



Both OSRL and OSCT Indonesia recognize the importance of delivering an efficient and effective response to major oil spills, and OSCT Indonesia is recognized as being a critical success factor to any oil spill response in Indonesia.



During the MoU signing, both OSRL and OSCT Indonesia agreed use their best endeavors to share and exchange response and planning information, jointly conduct equipment deployment training and exercises and develop protocols for mobilization, coordination and mutual assistance during oil spill operations, which include developing protocol for technical and logistics co-operation and assistance in the event of an oil spill in Indonesia, development of operational integration plan between OSRL and OSCT Indonesia, periodic sharing and exchange of information on safety issues, maintenance of equipment, technical, logistics and environment information on oil spill response in Indonesia, as well as joint table-top exercises or simulations, joint field exercise and familiarization tours and visits to Indonesia Government units and other bodies or corporations involved in oil spill response in Indonesia.


Both parties also agreed on the extension of the validity of this Memorandum of Understanding after its coming into effect from May 2017 to April 2020.